Manacén: The Property and the House

If you’ve got this far, most likely you’re not looking for a pseudo-ranch or Roman villa, the categories the majority of stand-alone properties on the islands fall into. You’re probably one of those rare discerning persons that want a home to live in, whether permanently or for part of the year. This is it!

"Manacén" is the pre-conquest native language name of the property, perhaps meaning something like "overlooking the wheat fields". The property was originally a “sitio” – a homestead for an extended family.

The house itself has grown over generations in response to the environment and the family’s needs in a way that no architect could ever have imagined. We have honoured that tradition as we reconditioned the building to meet the requirements of modern living. Not without reason, for the combination of traditional materials gives a feeling of warmth and permanence while respect for the ancient layout provides “passive” air conditioning throughout the year.

The house is really three separate buildings: the main house, the "granny flat" and a studio. The main house consists of a sitting-room, bedroom, dormer, bathroom, kitchen, pantry, diningroom, porch, hall, a very sunny patio and a balcony. The kitchen is ample, and the dining room, dormer and sitting-room form a large open-plan area on two levels. The separate studio is entered through another trellised patio. The granny flat consists of a double bedroom, sitting room, bathroom and a toilet. Additionally there is a laundry.

The house with its garden of fruit trees and grapevines is classified as urban and so reforms and certain extensions are possible. The winery is on an adjacent plot, also urban, with other old constructions including an ancient bread oven in good working condition, two water cisterns … This plot is an excellent opportunity for an enterprising someone to renovate.

The very much larger area of vegetable gardens and vineyard towards the north on the other side of the house is classified as rural. It has been earmarked for the future expansion of the village and so one day it will become prime real estate.

We realize you may not require such a large property and so we offer the three options given in the next section: Options and Prices

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