Options and Prices

A Google Earth image showing the property. Due to the aerial perspective the apparent size of each of the three ‘plots’ (A, B and C) is not proportional.

Plot A: approx 6,500 m2, rural. Vegetable gardens, vineyard and fruit-trees.
Plot B: The house with its outbuildings (approx 270m2) on a 1,000 m2 urban plot. 
Plot C: approx 450 m2, urban. Winery.

The options we offer for sale are:

OPTION 1: Urban Plot B :                                                  PRICE 350,000 €
OPTION 2: Urban Plots B + C :                                         PRICE 390,000 €
OPTION 3: Urban Plots B + C + Rural Plot A :                 PRICE 480,000 €

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