The Vineyard

 The vineyard goes right up to the house. This photo is taken in May.

 As well as all the vines growing around the house, the vineyard covers most of the remaining part of the property. It starts at the path going down to the house from the road, reaches over the ridge and down into the valley on the other side. 

It is about the right size for one man to look after - except for the two or three days of harvest - since the vines really only need pruning and preventive treatment, and the grass needs cutting once or twice during the season.

The varieties are local, phyloxera-free descendents of the vines brought to El Hierro many years ago. They are all wine-making varieties although in my opinion most are far superior in taste to grapes sold for consumption.

Normal production of wine is about two to three barrels, or 600-700 litres, enough to cover the needs of the house - family and friends - with white and red.

If you're not so keen on making it yourself there are other alternatives. The harvest may be sold to a commercial winery, or you can come to an arrangement by which they take care of the vineyard in exchange for bottles of their product.

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