The Property

You can locate the property on Google Earth using the coordinates 27.703164 -17.977319. It consists of approximately 8,000 square metres of freehold land on the edge of the village of El Pinar in the south of the island.

The village of El Pinar, on the fringe of the pine forest, is at some 900 metres above sea level on the eastern slopes of the island 14 km from the seaside village of La Restinga, 20 Km from Valverde, the capital, and 35 km from the island’s port and airport. The year-round residents must number fewer than a thousand, many retired, but in summer and for special festivities such as the "Bajada de la Virgen" many more arrive, breaking the village's slumber. The centre of the village is about 500 metres from us, the permanently manned medical centre about 300, and the town hall and school about 800.

Looking roughly southeast towards the cliffs and the sea. The property is shown slightly darker than its surroundings. The vineyard with its three terraces facing east along the length of the ridge and down to the vegetable gardens in the centre of the photo is classified as rural. The house and its gardens, rendered even darker in the photo, are urban property.

We are offering for sale as a package the whole property: the house on its urban plot together with the rural vineyard, vegetable gardens and the small winery. Alternatively, we are prepared to sell the house on its plot of approximately 1,000 square metres of urban land.

The property is called Temanacén or Manacén, an ancient aboriginal name that may have meant something like “overlooking the wheat”. Significantly, the land between the house and the cliffs to the east is called “los Campos Viejos” (the Ancient Fields). We have lived here permanently since January 2000.

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