Around the House

 Apricots ripening on a mid-season tree near the house in May. The building behind is the winery.

The land around the house is classified as urban but it is far from concrete and brick! Most of the trees are fruit and ornamental trees, herbs and flowering shrubs. Of course, there are trelissed grapevines. In our climate, a lawn as such would be going against nature but the ground is green for from October to May. The profusion of flowers, wild and cultivated, and fruit blossom can be stunning.

Breakfast in the patio in April with the plums beginning to blossom.

The laundry.

The sunken patio of the Studio.

The path bordered by geraniums, irises, freesias, honeysuckle, a false pepper tree ... The raven, of course, is not a permanent feature!

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